Participants survey the rocky shoreline of False Creek during the False Creek BioBlitz.
False Creek BioBlitz. Photo credit: Kelly Fretwell, Hakai Institute

What We Do

A ‘Knowledge to Action’ Framework - or a ‘Biodiversity Action Cycle’ is guiding our Network. Together, we are collaborating on the technical ‘underpinnings’ of marine biodiversity research - from the development of standards, methodologies, and technologies - to biodiversity science data integration, analysis, and implementation. These, in turn, will impact conservation and restoration via planning, management, and policy changes.

What We Do

Our Objectives

To meet our goals, the specific objectives (or focal activities) of BioActNet are to:

  1. Be a resource hub for transboundary networks and initiatives;

  2. Direct and support the synthesis of marine biodiversity data; and,

  3. Strengthen marine biodiversity education and engagement.

What We Do

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